Jul 14, 2009

My students are taking tests today. I don't know why because they already finished their finals. I think these tests are to help prepare them for university entrance exams. I just administered an English test. While they were taking the test I grabbed an extra copy and attempted it myself. The test is taken from a website called youacademy.co.kr and I have no idea how any of my students could pass something so ridiculous. Here are a couple sample questions taken from the test (I haven't changed a thing):

Choose the one that best completes the sentence.
They nodded wisely to each other and exchanged sagacious remarks.
A. indignant
B. perspicacious
C. imprudent
D. indescreet

Something that is sumptuous is luxurious or magnificent, and obviously very expensive.
A. opulent
B. contemptuous
C. lustrous
D. devastating

The refractory horse was eliminated from the race.
A. hirsute
B. tenacious
C. furry
D. fop

Select the one that best fills in the blank.
Mr You recalls from his childhood _________ skill on ice skates marked her as "Olympic material."
A. which a girl's
B. that a girl
C. a girl whose
D. a girl that
E. a girl who

Select the underlined part that is grammatically incorrect.
You do not own the beefsteak in the most important sense until you will consume it and get it into your bloodstream.

The test goes on and on with questions like that! About 60 questions on this. An average American couldn't pass this test.

These poor kids are struggling to describe what they ate for dinner last night and they get things like this thrown at them.

No wonder many of them just shut down when it comes to English. I would do the same if I were given tests like this.


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